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JamStats Newsletter January 2017



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TitleDescriptionModified Date
Mean Per Capita Household... This indicator provides an estimate of the average expenditure incurred by private households on consumption of goods or services, whether produced are locally or imported. 29/10/2021 Download
MEAN HOUSEHOLD SIZES OF... Comparing male headed households with that of female headed households, it is evident that the trajectory for both household sizes is downward. With the rate of decline in both instances seeming to be about the same; nonetheless, male headed households has consistently recorded lower number of persons per household. 01/10/2021 Download
Percentage of Students... Comparing the performance of students in both Mathematics and English Language, it is observed that students perform better in English Language in all the years except for 2015. On average, difference in performance between English Language and Mathematics is approximately 7.8 percentage points in favour of English Language. 10/07/2021 Download
NUMBER OF ADOPTION LICENCES... This is a permit granted to person(s) authorizing the care and possession of a child for whom adoption arrangements have been made in the country from which the request originated. It has been trending downward since 2011. 01/07/2021 Download
ADOPTION ORDERS GRANTED The number of adoption orders granted for girls seems to be trending downwards while for boys it remains flat. 01/06/2021 Download

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Vision 2030 Jamaica Read More
TitleDescriptionModified Date
Profile of Vision 2030... A snapshot of how Jamaica is progressing towards meeting its Goal 1 targets. 28/01/2013 Download
National Dashboard of... Quarterly Report Presentation - February 2012 23/08/2012 Download
National Dashboard of... Quarterly Report Presentation - August 2012 23/08/2012 Download