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JamStats Newsletter January 2017



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Jamaica Official... Jamaica’s Official Development Assistance took the form of loans, grants and technical assistance which were aimed at supporting development plans, programmes and projects. Such assistance declined from US$ 220.7 M in 2018 to US$140.9 M in 2019 reflecting a change of 36.1 percent. 19/11/2020
Poverty Gap Ratio The Poverty Gap Ratio is a measure of the average poverty gap in the population expressed as a proportion of the poverty line 19/11/2020 Download
Household Sizes Jamaica... For the period stated above, the average size of female headed household is 3.63 persons compared with 3.03 persons for the male headed household. 02/10/2020 Download
ANNUAL INFLATION RATE Jamaica’s overall annual inflation rate for the period 2010 to 2019 has trended downward. 02/10/2020 Download
Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) Jamaica’s infant mortality rate (IMR), since peaking in the 1960s, has declined over the years. A continuous rate of decline was observed between 1960 and 1998, when the IMR decreased by 58.6 percent, from 51.5 to 21.3 per 1,000 live births. 07/07/2016 Download

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Profile of Vision 2030... A snapshot of how Jamaica is progressing towards meeting its Goal 1 targets. 28/01/2013 Download
National Dashboard of... Quarterly Report Presentation - February 2012 23/08/2012 Download
National Dashboard of... Quarterly Report Presentation - August 2012 23/08/2012 Download